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the Travel Guide for Laryngectomees
Revised in 2017

The guide has been prepared by Paul Cantlie who lives in Hampshire and had a laryngectomy in 2001.

After his car was wrecked under him 100 miles from home, he realised that while neither hurt nor unvoiced on that occasion and able to get home by train, he might not always be so lucky and it would be as well to think about how a hospital would deal with a voiceless laryngectomee.

From this developed the idea of this guide as a means of allowing neck-breathers to travel with more confidence than in the past.

The booklet provides locations and lists of all hospitals believed to handle emergencies of the type that laryngectomees may suffer.

Small maps show the spread of towns with suitable hospitals. There is an Emergency notice for the reception staff or A&E and the next page gives a list of the usual conditions to help a voiceless laryngectomee indicate what the problem is.

The rest of the section lists the different hospitals, their addresses
and main details.

The booklet (updated for 2017) can be downloaded using the link below:

If you would like a printed copy please send a stamped self addressed envelope at least 7.5” by 5.5” (18.5cm X 13cm) bearing a 1st or 2nd class stamp to the address below marking your envelope Travel Guide.

PO Box 618,

Please note that "A Laryngectomee’s Travel Guide to the British Isles" is in Acrobat PDF format - so you will need the Acrobat Reader to view them. If the Acrobat Reader is not installed on you computer, please click on the icon below to download it free.

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