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Some time ago we were asked if we had any information to help young people to understand what was happening if a friend or relative was to have a laryngectomy. We soon realised that although there were books about cancer diagnoses and about some of the more usual cancers, there was nothing specifically for laryngectomees.

We decided to produce a suitable short publication which would be informative and would have suitable illustrations. It was not a simple task but with care and not a little effort we have been able to put together a book we think will be extremely helpful. There is a link below to the PDF version. If you would like the book please send a SAE and we will be happy to send it to you.

As a family, we remember only too well when Sydney became aware he had to have a laryngectomy for throat cancer. We were pitched into a completely new world which ultimately resulted in the founding of the Cancer Laryngectomee Trust. My children grew up assuming having a Grandad with an unusual voice was just part of everyday life. However, it would have been so helpful to have a book explaining more about the operation and the implications.

We were very fortunate to find an illustrator who understood what we were wanting to say. Jess and Pickle are fictional but Pickle does bear more than a passing resemblance to Brandy who was Sydney's constant companion.

We do hope you enjoy the book and we would love to hear from you if you find it helpful.

To receive a copy of the book please send a SAE (size at least 230mm x 230mm) and bearing a Large Letter stamp to CLT, PO Box 618, Halifax HX3 8WX. A voluntary donation of £10 to CLT to support the work of the charity would also be appreciated.

To download the PDF version of the book Acrobat PDF Document click here.


When I was told that I had throat cancer and that I needed to have an operation to remove my voice box, my family were of course all worried and concerned.

What sticks in my mind though was just how upset and confused my young niece was.

Justine, who was 10 years old, wrote to me when I was in hospital and I remember trying to answer her letters to explain about the serious illness I had had, about the operation, and how that I would talk differently.

I wish this little book, The Story of Funny Grandad, had been available then!

Step by step with lots of pictures, the book explains about when Jessie's Grandad became ill with a lump in his throat, about the operation and about seeing Grandad in the hospital bed.

The book answers many of the questions that will be going through a young child's head and shows how, with rest and care, Grandad gets better again.

My 1 year old Granddaughter Cora has been very aware and showing an 'interest' in how her funny Grandad speaks and breathes in and out through his throat. I will certainly be reading The Story of Funny Grandad with Cora when she is a bit older!! Review of The Story of Funny Grandad by Ralph White
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